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Finding a balance with money

Play your luck

You may be just tired or there may have been a realization or an insight about you and your life. Give situations more time to develop. There will be meetings, social occasions, good ideas or group projects. You may reconnect with an old friend. Organized efficiency is the key to a good start, even if you have to cope with an unscheduled change or alteration. Take time for wicked indulgence with your loved one. One way or another, it would be good to raise a sweat or stretch a limb. There'll be excitement among co-workers. If there's a romantic invite, give yourself room to respond. Operate behind the scenes. By this means, you'll see a way ahead. If you're painting the town red or showing someone a good time, keep a weather eye on the budget.

You and your loved one these weeks

There'll be new links or new people to excite you with fresh ideas or interesting activities. Call a fiscal conference for the midweek and get your spending sorted. They'll be all around, though you won't catch up with everyone you want to see. You'll be looking for a new image or a special presentation. You may plan a romantic night or seek some fine entertainment with your loved one. Make plans in secret then give them time to form. Midweek will stir the passions or the interest for romantic renewal in the boudoir. A chance encounter will bring opportunity. Sweet relations with your loved one are called for. Hang out and enjoy time with good companions or like-minded people. Home or family concerns will be much on your mind these weeks and problems may not seem to have clear solutions. Be a touch wicked.

Set your sights on a culinary adventure

You'll have to take a stand, assert your authority or deal with someone else that's keen to have their say. Be adventurous in love and cautious in finance. Let feelings take their course then sort out what needs to happen in the aftermath. However, the mood will press down as the weeks goes on, asking for decisions or bringing constraints with work, health or daily routines. Don't let that worry you though, just float along and see what happens next. Study or travel may be among them. Otherwise, it's restless weeks but restraint will be the best course, especially with the plastic. You'll enjoy expressing yourself or getting involved in creative debate. Legal concerns may be testing. There's something going on behind the scenes. Food, recreation and your favourite people will lift your spirits. The weekends will see you on your toes, taking responsibility or dealing with authority.

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