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It's time then to get out the list

Little jobs and simple life come into view

Don't throw good money after bad and avoid the impulsive affair. There may be a dispute over who needs to do what for whom. Make sure you and your loved one are in agreement. Step back as the week begins and talk at home or in the family, confiding in someone you trust. Midweek, give yourself a timeout for fresh air in the hills or at the beach. Powerful or gifted company will feature. You may have to field interruptions though as communications or visitors make their presence felt. There may be a clash of wills with a family member or a water sign. Arrangements for destinations or communications might not work out as you'd hoped but scramble through as best you can, looking towards a more fortunate week. There'll be excitement as crazy people gather to do their favourite stuff. By this means, you'll see a way ahead. If you're doing social stuff, don't get caught up in other people's dramas or agendas.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities

Just make sure your lifestyle and your budget are in sync, otherwise there'll be serious discussion, especially in the midweek. The mood turns right around as wednesday's sunrise flares in fiery wash. Live the simple life. There'll be action on the home front, midweek. It may be hard to deal with commitments or stay on schedule. You may deal with intense or high-powered people. Slow down, midweek. Don't be late for important meetings. The weekend's busy and will push you to the task or job completed, rather than urging you into further festivities or celebration. Start afresh with your creative or inner life and shed people or situations that encumber you. Cook up a storm at home. If you leave your phone on though, it'll be at your peril, as everyone will want a word.

Life is set for change. Try a dinner with friends to start these weeks but settle back and enjoy a quiet time after that. You'll either go for something you really want or you'll have to rein in lifestyle costs to target something important. Shed the encumbrance of other people's business if it's not doing you any good. It's the budget first up and then the weeks unravels into whirlwinds of activity or communication. A little indulgence won't hurt. Stay cool. Friday's will bring new responsibilities or excitement with someone in authority. There'll be a buzz of conversation, with people coming and going at a moment's notice. Raise the drawbridge and unwind. Enjoy common interests or talk with the like-minded. Ordinary pleasures will do.

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