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Demanding completion in an efficient and orderly fashion

Try a traditional favourite something new

There will be a new arrangements or a change in responsibilities. You may deal with professional people. Make sure you and your loved one are in agreement. Romance may feature or you may just work close and need to get on with others. Set a new course! So it'll be down to the nitty-gritty of details, little jobs and work or health.","Stick close to friends as the weeks begin and sort whatever needs it. Just make it clear. Make sure you don't end up in a boring business discussion. Plans for the future may get a lift. Your fortune will come in the months ahead if you foster good connections. Check out your inner spaces. Be adventurous! Pull down the blinds and pull out all the stops!

A social occasion in the domicile

The trail from the kitchen to the boudoir will have everything a Lion could want. Domestic or family concerns will be in the frame. You'll be doing it on the phone, online or face to face as business turns the key and gets into gear. You'll be knee deep in action and responsibility, midweek. Stay in close 'til midweek but then can get closer, especially with the boudoir and the prone position. Give health some attention. You may have meetings with financial people. You may take on a new obligation, and new contacts or people will come with it. Coast along and it'll all come right, especially as the weeks turn round, bringing the sweet taste of good food and companionship. Get wicked with your loved one. After the midweek, it all shoots by in a whirl but you'll get the chance to relax in 'Castle Me' on the weekends. There'll be some fierce attention to cope with.

Communications will have sent you rushing hither and thither

Don't be so focused on one requirement that you ignore another. You've got a lot on your mind at the moment and human relationships may not be going all that well. Wednesday's sunrise will bring some excitement over money or personal spending. Shuck off the stress and be romantic with your loved one. Watch it on the roads. Brush up on those cooperation skills. Enjoy favourite tastes and enjoy extra time in the boudoir. Don't overspend or overdo but take advantage of the opportunity to improve your situation. You'll be in a mood to have what you want on the weekend. You may need to talk things over with your loved one once the dust has settled. As Friday comes, you'll be weaving through traffic or yelling at the computer as usual. That time is coming!

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